My curiosity with the camera never stops. This is an asset as a wedding photographer because I show up to all my weddings with an open heart and eyes to see all beautiful moments. I come into each of my artistic projects with the same integrity. In between my wedding photography gigs, I try to keep myself inspired. This is so important as an artist. 

Coming up in May, 2019, I will have a collection of fine art prints presented in the Community Gallery at the HistoryMiami Museum that are images taken in the Everglades National Park. I was invited as photographer into Dale Andree's month-long artist-in-residency (AIRIE) in October, 2018 within two different blocks of time. Together Dale and I worked on the land exploring relationships artistically- Dale with movement, myself with the camera. The selection of photographs are intimate reflections of my response to the unique language of the everglades and the human, nature and movement relationships that were discovered. The photography is part of a larger artistic collaboration with Dale's project, titled "Everglades Imprint."

"The quiet, the wind, the wide-open sky and the endless sea of sawgrass, created a palpable visceral exchange that allowed me to have a shift of perception. I was drawn with my camera to the hidden details of the Everglades where I could see more clearly the language of the land. Within this whispery space I had the experience of feeling ancient, wild time, secretly merged with the present moment." 

If you live in the Miami area come visit the HistoryMiami Museum on May 4th to see the photography exhibit as well as an installation of dance, live music and film! Learn more here:

If you are interested in purchasing any of these archival pigment prints produced on sustainable, environmentally friendly paper with 90% bamboo fibers, please contact me at